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For #PamphletJam 

Players will each have narrative authority over a unique faction, building a collaborative and interesting civilization.  Draw cards from a standard 52 card deck to determine what aspects of your faction to highlight. Create influential people, highlight day-to-day life, and resolve political struggle.

This is a standalone game for 3-7 players that is played to create a rough draft of a unique high-fantasy kingdom, setting up cultures & political factions to later be explored in your upcoming Dungeon World campaign. Inspired by and compatible with The Quiet Year, Microscope, & Downfall.

Play notes:

The conflict system might seem overwhelming, but don't worry! It's Rock-Paper-Scissors with special rules in the event of a tie. You can't choose Rock/Paper/Scissors if you don't have any points corresponding with the resource.

What does "Vital, Plentiful, and Scarce" mean? These are only guidelines to help figure out the relationship between your faction's people and the resource. Don't stress about sticking to these, they're just suggestions!

If anything is too confusing, feel free to reach out to me on twitter or leave a comment.

Design notes:

This was an idea I've had for quite some time, and I'm glad the pamphlet jam came up to let me get it onto paper! It was tough to fit everything on one pamphlet; the formatting is dense and there's no room for in-line examples. There are examples on the back of the pamphlet to help you get started. Playtesting went well; I had a minor concern that the Conflict system might encourage excessive violence, and I'm glad to report that our playtest ended up roleplaying seaweed-based arts and crafts projects. There were very few changes between the playtest and the final version.

Embedded illustrations are from old novels that can be now be found freely in the public domain.

Thank you for checking out this game, I hope you find a use for it in your campaigns!


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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